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LET ME PaINT You a Picture


Hi, I'm Monica,

I'm a SAHM and creative thinker. I was born and raised in Albuquerque, and I have been dwelling in this particular part of the desert for 14 years where I have had the pleasure of raising my family. I enjoy entertaining and making memories with family and friends. I also love being outdoors surrounded by pine trees, on the lake, or lounging in the pool.  The last decade of my life has been playdates, music classes, swim lessons, crafts - oh the crafts!  Baby sharks, Room mom, Cookie mom, and Pinteresting everything along the way! 

Art is the purest form of self-expression and I am awed by the natural creativity and whimsical free-thinking of children. To see the world through my children's eyes is my ultimate inspiration. Gettin' Crafty's mission is to help foster that sense of creativity in children through child-led artistic activities. I truly believe that every child is an artist. Gettin' Crafty is here to inspire and facilitate fun projects so you can have fun with your children and make memories without the task of putting it all together and cleaning it up! 

Stimulating children's minds is essential while staying safe and art increases brain productivity and peace of mind. Art is also a healthy way for children to release the stress they may otherwise struggle to express.  In order to encourage and inspire your children's imaginations while at home, we are offering local contact-free delivery of Craft Kits. 

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